All about Me

Hi, My name’s Ingrid but everyone calls me Ink. I have had about a 100 different nicknames over the past 14 years of my life; Ingie, Inksquid, Penguanie and some too embarrassing to type. Well, I’m not perfect. There are things about me that could be more perfect, for example, my freckles! I absolutely hate my freckles. Everyone always says “nah, don’t hate them. they make you YOU and they look so cute.” but no. They are really annoying. My parents say that it looks like I’ve walked through flames and little sparks have dotted my face and arms. “The girl on fire!” Oh, that reminds me. I’ve been reading the Hunger Games at the moment for school and we have to write reviews and stuff but we also have limits. We can only read up to a certain chapter each week and so am literally crying on the edge of my bed every night, waving my fist in the air and cursing my school to the heavens. Anyway, I’ve decided not to make my blog about the Hunger Games anymore, and instead about my life.

I’ve made another blog with two of my friends. (The link’s here: so, you can check it out.

And this is my best friend, Hannah’s blog.
We’re both bubbas… ;P


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