My bubba ‘llama dropping’ plant has been growing nicely BUT I found out that my friend, Hannah, who I was versing in the competition of ‘who’s plant grows the fastest’ contest hasn’t even planted her ‘llama dropping’ seeds yet. They’re still in her school bag… -.- Oh well. I guess that means I win, right? Here’s what my plant looks like now: Photo on 9-10-14 at 11.38 AMAnyway, last week my brother finally got back from his 12 day bike ride! On his bike ride they did lots of things like rick climbing, abseiling, jet skiing, surfing etc. It was great but it cost a almost $3000. We could have spent that money on a massive holiday…but no. My brother got to do this amazing thing whist everyone else was left at home…alone…doesn’t anyone care about Sid the sloth? Aha you probably have no idea what I’m rambling about now. Who are you by the way? I don’t even know who you are…if you’re reading this. I bet you’re nice though. Maybe you come from Polyvore? My blog is linked to my Polyvore.

Ah well…OMG I just remembered. My brother passed this Cadbury factory on his bike ride and so they went in and for $16 and 25¢ he bought A SHUCK LOAD OF CHOCOLATE. JUST LOOK AT THIS:

Photo on 1-10-14 at 9.45 PMPhoto on 1-10-14 at 9.45 PM #3

There’s 4 Toblerones, and dozens of Curly Wurlys and Cherry Ripes. I don’t like Cherry Ripes that much but I LOVE Curly Wurleys. *oh and I said shuck up there because I just finished The Maze Runner trilogy…you will understand if you read the books). Anyway, over the past week I reckon I have eaten at least 5 Curly Wurlys BUT…my brother took 30 for his classmates at school the other day so I got home that day and they were all GONE. I was flipping out and it turned out that there was only about 2 left. (I took one aha). So…I’m going to go do something now.

I hope somebody reads these things. If not it doesn’t matter. I’m doing it mainly as a diary thing to look back on when I’m older. AAAAH! My foot has turned purple and is as cold as ice. I was sitting on it for the whole time I was writing this and I was cutting off the circulation of it. hah…bye.


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