Christmas Calendar

Today I spent hours making a christmas calendar. (You know the calendars that you put little chocolates in counting down the days ’til christmas?) Well, in year 6 my class started making christmas calendars each but everyone gave up (me included) and instead spend the last few days of school before Christmas holidays playing boardgames and playing outside. This was almost 3 years ago and today I was going through my sewing drawers and found it again. I decided that I would finish it. So I spend most of today hand stitching the numbers, ironing vliesofix to the fabric pockets to make them thicker to make it easier to stitch and using these AWESOME scissors that I found with a zig-zag blade! (They are so cool). This is what I’ve done so far: (well this pic was taken at 2pm and now I’ve sewn numbers up to 22 but it’s too dark to take a good photo). Photo on 29-09-14 at 2.10 PM Photo on 29-09-14 at 2.11 PM Ha…number 8 on my calendar is jacked up. I think 13’s the best. Which is weird because It’s supposed to be a jinxed number. ANYWAY, we got back from a walk with Roo (my dog) an hour or so ago and then I watered the plants in our front garden (we’re completely doing up the front as you know from my previous posts). Then my friend Hannah called me about coming to a sleepover on Friday night and I ran from the front to the phone to fast that I got spiked by a flipping plant. I reckon it’s spike was poisonous or something because I have a white big lump there now (like a bee sting). It doesn’t hurt though 🙂 My little brother and I then went outside to play downball in our driveway (this is a pic of our downball): Photo on 29-09-14 at 7.45 PM and we were flipping out because there was about 30 mosquitoes! We were running and screaming everywhere and I was wearing shorts and a singlet top so I was practically getting mauled by these insects! I’ve got bites all over my legs and arms (hah I’m itching my leg now). At the same time there were these fire ants running all over the driveway (these things): gs-fire-ants07_t460 and we were screaming and blowing on them 😀 they were so stupid though because we blew on them to push them back onto the grass and they were flipping running in the direction of our breath. Then we realised that they were just bubbas so instead of freaking out about them we observed them and came up with the idea of making little shoes for them the size of poppy seeds. (these things): 5393poppy_seeds Erik (my littlest brother) was down to go get some poppy seeds from the cupboard and give them to the fire ants to wear but I told him that they’d probs just eat the seeds instead. But still Erik went inside to the cupboard to get the poppy seeds to give to the ants. *(By this time I was puffed up like a raspberry with mosquito bites) OH! that reminds me! We came up with a new name from mosquitos! We were cracking up about this for ages…instead of calling them mosquitos (sounding like mos-KEE-toes) we decided from now on we’ll call them mos-KWEE-toes) 😀 ahahah! Gotta go finish my calendar now 🙂


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