Gymnastics hurts

Yesterday I went to gymnastics and I was on bars and I attempted a long-swing pullover…bad idea. I got about halfway up and I felt the skin on my hands literally pull apart. So I jumped off the bar and landed in the pit. It turned out that my palms had ripped open…they had only just healed.

Here are some pics:

Sorry if you find it disturbing.

Photo on 19-09-14 at 3.44 PM #2

Photo on 19-09-14 at 4.05 PM

Photo on 19-09-14 at 3.44 PM #3

these things may not look like they hurt but believe me, they are severely underestimated.

What made it worse was that I landed into the pit and the foam is salty and it really agitated it. After I cleaned myself up I had to clean the blood off the bars with detergent…ewww.

I’m going to that trampolining place that I published a posted about before tomorrow with some friends.

But the sad thing is, I wont be able to do many hand things 😦

Oh well…I’ll just do other stuff…

OH YEAH! I just remembered! It was the last day of school for us kids in Australia! It was the end of term 3 and we get a 2 week holiday! Wahoooo!

I’m gonna go do something now 😛 x


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