Our Plant

I’m having a competition with my friend Hannah on who can grow their plant the fastest. She found these ‘llama dropping’ seeds in her garden and gave me some to plant.

Here’s a pic of it:

Photo on 30-08-14 at 11.01 AM

We call them llama dropping seeds because they came in a long pod thing and are flat and round (they look like these English sweets called galaxy minstrels…oh they are so good). We get them when nanny comes down from England.

This is what they look like:



Uggh…and I just cut my finger with a knife making my roll -.-

stupid sandwich and knife…hah..nah it was my fault. I’m not gonna blame it on the sandwich 😛

Photo on 30-08-14 at 11.21 AM

Anyway, my brothers and I are planting them and after weeks they are finally starting to sprout. Hannah found out that they are these vine plants with purple flowers on them that she has hanging on her porch. Because they’re vines I’m gonna have to make a wire net attached to two sticks or something so they can wind around it when they grow a bit bigger.

I just watered them again now and it’s a sunny day today so that’s good for them.

Okay…we’re going to the beach now yay!


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