Today my siblings, many many many friends and people who I don’t even know, and I, went to this massive trampolining place! It was amazing!

Here’s a pic of it:

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 9.09.31 AM

I don’t know why but there are these little white marks on the photo like it hasn’t loaded properly or something has gone wrong on my computer. This happens sometimes…oh well, you can still see most of it 😉


I suck at tramp at gymnastics because I’m scared I’ll land on my head but at this one I could jump so high and do more than I could at gymnastics. The pit is much softer than the one at gymnastics and I could so all this weird moves and land on my head and it didn’t hurt! I can’t do much on the tramp anyway so all I did were some front saults, handsprings, roundoffs and this weird front sault with my legs straight (I think it’s called a pike) aaaand…I did a back sault for the first time. It was into the pit though so not that exciting but I have always feared it!

Time to get up and dressed now. 🙂


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