Building Blocks

Last night by siblings and I gathered all the blocks we could find and make a massive castle!

We started building it at 10pm…not a good idea. I am so tired today. I need lots of sleep.

It took forever because we kept ruining it but eventually it was built!

Here’s what it looked like:
(I say looked because we called my dog into the room and he destroyed the right side of it…we couldn’t be bothered to rebuild it)

Photo on 24-08-14 at 8.08 PM #3

Photo on 24-08-14 at 8.07 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 4.39.59 PM


I know it doesn’t look that big but it took us ages to build and we kept demolishing it along the way…so we consider it an acheivement 😛



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