Hunger Games Journal

Week 3: Page 224 – 338

The part of ‘The Hunger Games’ I read this week was full of tension, drama and every page was filled with endless possibilities of what could come next. I love how in ‘The Hunger Games’ you can picture everything so clearly, for example, when Katniss got stung by the tracker jackers, started hallucinating and was wobbling around the forest, I felt dizzy and like I had vertigo.

When Claudius Templesmith announced that there was a chance that 2 tributes from the same district could win the games if they both stayed alive until the end, I felt a gigantic wave of relief sweep over me because I really wanted Peeta through as well as Katniss. There was so much tension in the part of the book I read this week and when Rue was killed my heart skipped a beat and I have to admit I was on the verge of crying. I really didn’t expect her to die so suddenly. I really admire how Katniss just let her feelings show when Rue died because it shows that even though she’s tough and doesn’t want to seem vulnerable, she just lets her emotional side show every now and again which make the book more interesting.

There are endless possibilities of how ‘The Hunger Games’ will end but I guess I’ll find out next week!


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