Hunger Games Journal

Week 1: Page 1 – 124

I have been reading ‘The Hunger Games.’ So far it has been a really exciting, touching and wonderful book to read! My favorite character so far is Katniss Evetdeen because I love her quiet but aware nature and the way she goes about things in life. I admire her because even in the toughest of times she holds back her feelings which would be really hard to do.

When I read the first few pages of ‘The Hunger Games’ I was drawn in. The part that I love the most so far was when Katniss volunteered as a tribute for her little sister Prim. I loved that part because Katniss put herself in danger for Prim’s sake. I think that that is a really brave thing to do.

I can’t wait to read more of ‘The Hunger Games!’


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