My leo

I got a leotard from my friend, Hannah, as a late birthday present! I love it so much!!! Hannah’s mum designs and makes leotards, shorts and scrunchies to sell at gymnastics.

It is the best colour in the world and so sparkly.

Take a look:

Photo on 28-02-2015 at 3.03 pm

I love the swirly pattern on it.


I have to go to bed now…Monday tomorrow…


My bubba ‘llama dropping’ plant has been growing nicely BUT I found out that my friend, Hannah, who I was versing in the competition of ‘who’s plant grows the fastest’ contest hasn’t even planted her ‘llama dropping’ seeds yet. They’re still in her school bag… -.- Oh well. I guess that means I win, right? Here’s what my plant looks like now: Photo on 9-10-14 at 11.38 AMAnyway, last week my brother finally got back from his 12 day bike ride! On his bike ride they did lots of things like rick climbing, abseiling, jet skiing, surfing etc. It was great but it cost a almost $3000. We could have spent that money on a massive holiday…but no. My brother got to do this amazing thing whist everyone else was left at home…alone…doesn’t anyone care about Sid the sloth? Aha you probably have no idea what I’m rambling about now. Who are you by the way? I don’t even know who you are…if you’re reading this. I bet you’re nice though. Maybe you come from Polyvore? My blog is linked to my Polyvore.

Ah well…OMG I just remembered. My brother passed this Cadbury factory on his bike ride and so they went in and for $16 and 25¢ he bought A SHUCK LOAD OF CHOCOLATE. JUST LOOK AT THIS:

Photo on 1-10-14 at 9.45 PMPhoto on 1-10-14 at 9.45 PM #3

There’s 4 Toblerones, and dozens of Curly Wurlys and Cherry Ripes. I don’t like Cherry Ripes that much but I LOVE Curly Wurleys. *oh and I said shuck up there because I just finished The Maze Runner trilogy…you will understand if you read the books). Anyway, over the past week I reckon I have eaten at least 5 Curly Wurlys BUT…my brother took 30 for his classmates at school the other day so I got home that day and they were all GONE. I was flipping out and it turned out that there was only about 2 left. (I took one aha). So…I’m going to go do something now.

I hope somebody reads these things. If not it doesn’t matter. I’m doing it mainly as a diary thing to look back on when I’m older. AAAAH! My foot has turned purple and is as cold as ice. I was sitting on it for the whole time I was writing this and I was cutting off the circulation of it. hah…bye.

Christmas Calendar

Today I spent hours making a christmas calendar. (You know the calendars that you put little chocolates in counting down the days ’til christmas?) Well, in year 6 my class started making christmas calendars each but everyone gave up (me included) and instead spend the last few days of school before Christmas holidays playing boardgames and playing outside. This was almost 3 years ago and today I was going through my sewing drawers and found it again. I decided that I would finish it. So I spend most of today hand stitching the numbers, ironing vliesofix to the fabric pockets to make them thicker to make it easier to stitch and using these AWESOME scissors that I found with a zig-zag blade! (They are so cool). This is what I’ve done so far: (well this pic was taken at 2pm and now I’ve sewn numbers up to 22 but it’s too dark to take a good photo). Photo on 29-09-14 at 2.10 PM Photo on 29-09-14 at 2.11 PM Ha…number 8 on my calendar is jacked up. I think 13’s the best. Which is weird because It’s supposed to be a jinxed number. ANYWAY, we got back from a walk with Roo (my dog) an hour or so ago and then I watered the plants in our front garden (we’re completely doing up the front as you know from my previous posts). Then my friend Hannah called me about coming to a sleepover on Friday night and I ran from the front to the phone to fast that I got spiked by a flipping plant. I reckon it’s spike was poisonous or something because I have a white big lump there now (like a bee sting). It doesn’t hurt though 🙂 My little brother and I then went outside to play downball in our driveway (this is a pic of our downball): Photo on 29-09-14 at 7.45 PM and we were flipping out because there was about 30 mosquitoes! We were running and screaming everywhere and I was wearing shorts and a singlet top so I was practically getting mauled by these insects! I’ve got bites all over my legs and arms (hah I’m itching my leg now). At the same time there were these fire ants running all over the driveway (these things): gs-fire-ants07_t460 and we were screaming and blowing on them 😀 they were so stupid though because we blew on them to push them back onto the grass and they were flipping running in the direction of our breath. Then we realised that they were just bubbas so instead of freaking out about them we observed them and came up with the idea of making little shoes for them the size of poppy seeds. (these things): 5393poppy_seeds Erik (my littlest brother) was down to go get some poppy seeds from the cupboard and give them to the fire ants to wear but I told him that they’d probs just eat the seeds instead. But still Erik went inside to the cupboard to get the poppy seeds to give to the ants. *(By this time I was puffed up like a raspberry with mosquito bites) OH! that reminds me! We came up with a new name from mosquitos! We were cracking up about this for ages…instead of calling them mosquitos (sounding like mos-KEE-toes) we decided from now on we’ll call them mos-KWEE-toes) 😀 ahahah! Gotta go finish my calendar now 🙂

Indestructible Plant

Today I did some more gardening…if you could call it that. That massive plant we were trying to get out yesterday still didn’t budge early on in the morning and so today our new neighbours came to help us. They attached a rope around the plant and to the back of their car and tries pulling the plant from it’s roots seeing as it went too deep. Well, the rope broke. Bummer. So our awesome neighbours own a small digger thing like this:


This also failed. I swear this plant is indestructible. Or should I say was…

because an hour or so later or trying to dig it our we resorted to calling a professional. In about 5 minutes, no joke, the thing was out. The guy just chainsawed it away and then used this weird munching machine that ATE the plant. It was a messy eater though and so it took another half-hour to clean it all up. Lucky we did though because after we cleaned it up we got a call from the guy who took the plant out and said that the plant was acidic. :O

Now I know why my eye was stinging yesterday. When we were hacking the leaves away some juice flew in my eye. I told mum but she thought I was exaggerating. Well all around my left eye I have this red rash thing and we both have it on our arms too. HAH. Now she believes me!

Here’s what the munching machine did to the flipping (almost) indestructible plant:

Photo on 23-09-14 at 2.45 PM #3

HAHA! In your face plant! We destroyed you! I’m getting kind of worked up right now but I am so happy because I worked so hard for two days to get rid of it (lol even though the guy got rid of it for us) but I honestly thought it would take much longer!

We’re planting grass there and I’m gonna have so much space to do gymnastics and play!

ANYWAY. My friends have pointed out that I have extremely bendy wrists. I think I know why. I was trying to build up some wrist muscle to make bars and floor easier on my wrists at gym and I used 4 and 5kg weight every few nights to build up the muscle for a few weeks (aha I’ve kind of stopped now but MAN I have big muscles there now!). After I did the weights I used to stretch out my forearm muscles with these little exercises to make them loose and I think it made me extra flexible:

Photo on 23-09-14 at 2.41 PM

Ahah. I don’t know if my arms look at a weird angle or not. 😛

My stomach just rumbled. I haven’t had lunch yet because I’ve been outside all day and…OMG it’s already 5:30pm! It’s practically dinner time for me. I’ll go have something to eat now. We didn’t end up going to the beach today because gardening took up too much time and dad went to the doctors to get a cortisone (it’s a steroid) injection in his shoulder because he has a frozen shoulder and he can’t drive for 3 days so mummy had to pick him up. It was about an hours drive away because he had to go to a special doctor or something. So that took up heaps of time…

OH! But we’re going to the beach soon because mum says we haven’t been out at all today…sure.

Nah, I think she means out to a place.

SO we’re going to the beach soon to get an ice-cream. It’s still so warm…it’s only spring. What is this?

I’m melting……aha.


Yesterday I spent many hours gardening because I had nothing better to do. HAH. Anyway, we had this massive plant thing in our front yard and we chopped it all down. I have a blister between two fingers from holding the saw and axe. It’s in the stupid little crease thing on my hand…my hands are getting beat up this past week. Speaking of hands, the rips I got at gymnastics the other day has almost cleared up. I can bend my fingers back and forth now!

Photo on 23-09-14 at 9.23 AM

It amazes me how skin can grow back!

Well, I wish I took a photo of our massive plant that we chopped down BEFORE we chopped it down but I’ll just show you how much we chopped down so you can get an idea of how big it was.

Photo on 23-09-14 at 9.32 AM #2 Photo on 23-09-14 at 9.33 AM

We’re demolishing the whole garden thing so that us kids can have more grass to play on and so I’ll have more room to practice gymnastics. I can’t wait!

I’m going to go get dressed now. 😛 and probably garden some more. Then we’re all going to the beach. It’s so hot today…

Gymnastics hurts

Yesterday I went to gymnastics and I was on bars and I attempted a long-swing pullover…bad idea. I got about halfway up and I felt the skin on my hands literally pull apart. So I jumped off the bar and landed in the pit. It turned out that my palms had ripped open…they had only just healed.

Here are some pics:

Sorry if you find it disturbing.

Photo on 19-09-14 at 3.44 PM #2

Photo on 19-09-14 at 4.05 PM

Photo on 19-09-14 at 3.44 PM #3

these things may not look like they hurt but believe me, they are severely underestimated.

What made it worse was that I landed into the pit and the foam is salty and it really agitated it. After I cleaned myself up I had to clean the blood off the bars with detergent…ewww.

I’m going to that trampolining place that I published a posted about before tomorrow with some friends.

But the sad thing is, I wont be able to do many hand things 😦

Oh well…I’ll just do other stuff…

OH YEAH! I just remembered! It was the last day of school for us kids in Australia! It was the end of term 3 and we get a 2 week holiday! Wahoooo!

I’m gonna go do something now 😛 x